The Shift: HOW I went from ~Hell on earth, to ~Heaven on earth (part 2)

On this less traveled path: Soul Training & Practice
My experience was dramatic!

I am meaning to share a feel-for this shift,
in my previous post (part 1) and below in this post.


Tuning into soul perspective and info
and gaining the ability to shift what is happening inside me
has made a giant life-changing difference in my last 20+ years of my life.

I have found in my own life (and watching many others)

  • that a useful place to stand within, and levers to shift from within:
    can shift my world, from inside-out
  • that a useful understanding of what is going on in this world
    – physically and spiritually:
    ** What is the Game, and how can I Play it effectively? **
    Can help me WIN my internal battles,
    and create a more comfortable external life, a delicious life.

Please allow me to go deeper into one facet of my story, so relevant for many

(As I said twice in the last post 😉
I had been very depressed
or dealing with a lot of melancholy and overwhelm
almost my whole adult life, almost 20 years.

Once I was in the new Soul Practice, and devoted to using the soul tools, etc
– and for me that was right away because my Resistance was so Big:
I had to be All in, or Not in!

I have never lived in depression again
not one day
and it has been 20+ years since then.

In some ways it was a Night and Day experience.
But it wasn’t because of what folks may see as a ‘Miracle’.

It was the Miracle of
Soul Training & Practice

It was the Miracle of
Standing in a different place and Solid Place in my Soul,
and Having Levers that I COULD Utilize,
relative to my significant inner & outer challenges:

It made a Huge difference for me to
Learn to go Below everyday consciousness
to perceive, choose and act
– in places, in ways, I had no access-to before!

I have Access,
I have CHOICE.

In Soul Practice, my experience is:

  • I have stuff come up to clear – oh boy, do I!
  • I have Intense emotional and energetic stuff to dance-with, tend-to.
  • AND at the Same Time,
    I have access to a whole ‘nother experience as well:
    Soul Blessings, Divine Qualities, Spiritual Fruit…

Yes, in the beginning of Soul Practice,
I still did

  • fall in the hole of Victim-patterns, and
  • bow to the extreme physical, emotional and energetic PAIN
    (and other stuff) I still had Overwhelmingly.

But, I was quickly learning that I could navigate it, tend to it, shift it…
and HOW I could get out of this HELL within me!

To be Clear: For a LONG time,
When I fell off my horse, I couldn’t get back on by myself, at first.

But I had friends in the Soul Practice who could work & play with me,
and with their assistance I could find my Agency again. 

And, I could assist them, too,
which really helped me grow!
– my soul perspective and capacity, and
– my soul support community.

Also, I eventually,
eventually learned how not to fall in the victim experience holes,
to shift my patterns, to relate differently to my inner demons.

I learned how to release some of the PAIN – of all kinds.
And eventually how not to give over my Agency to Pain.

I learned to be able to regulate my own inner experience,
and in the long run many other very useful capacities, such as:
– to re-parent myself,
– to find my lost parts and bring them back to wholeness in me (soul retrieval).

I could help others with these kinds of things
WAY sooner than I could do it all by myself.

But that’s because Soul Sovereignty is a spiritual fruit.
But also, it a step by step Practice in which I go to the Soul GYM
and Build muscle, endurance, balance, flexibility…

It works when I work it.

But what I believe is so important to share,
in this world of ours
overwhelmed with despair, hopelessness, white-knuckling:

CHANGE is Possible.
Going from Surviving to Thriving is POSSIBLE.
Actually it has become Normal (for me)
– I have Practiced and watched so many in Process.


And, like I said – I am still very much in Process

But, OMG the fruit of this practice continues to blow my mind!

What is possible,

  • when learning to live in the body, with what is
  • when utilizing distinctions and inner tools that really work
  • when I get my Free Will and Soul Sovereignty back,
    enough to CHOOSE Life, abundantly and aligned with my Source


For me, I went from mostly Hell on earth, to mostly Heaven on earth
and there is nothing special about me.

I will say,
These aspects were essential in my journey:

I was very highly motivated
and therefore willing to invest in learning and practice,
and willing to do the work & play along the way,
basically every day to begin, basically now it is a way of life.

I was open to soul senses
– ears to hear, eyes to see, etc –
and willing to open to clearing, owning and operating in them.

I was always dedicated in my Dance with the Divine.
Although, allowing my experience and understanding of Spirit
and what my unique way in Spirit for me is,
to continually shift (more comfortably),
has been a learning that has really helped me in this Practice.

  • ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑

May you find comfortable and graceful ways that serve you
Engaging Your Shift in your own unique Soul Journey:
Transforming into experience from  ~Hell on earth, to ~Heaven on earth.

in Life,

the next 2 months,
what I am sharing above is the focus of our weekly drop-in meditations:
Surviving 2 Thriving – HOW do I Shift, in the face of SO Much Shit?

the 2 months after that, is a related topic:
Empowered Empaths – PEACE for Big Feelers, Healers, Lovers & Leaders

Come as my guest for a Taste of Soul Sensing & Shifting

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