Invitation: ‘Journey into Love’ Intensive

Register for Journey into LOVE – Come as my guest

‘Journey into Love’ Intensive
Come as my Guest, for a special online series:
Sunday Feb 28th – Saturday March 6th

What can we do to
Tend our Yearning Heart and Invite a Full Life?

Deepen into More:
-Intimacy, Belonging, Connection
-Self-Acceptance, Inner Value, Owning your Worth

Invest in your Self:  Share, Learn, Heal, Shift …
In Community, inviting Soul Deepening, getting into Action.

Each day we will investigate a topic together, dive-in:
Find new perspectives, within and integrate new possibility into our lives.

Sunday Feb 28th – Saturday March 6th
You can participate as you please, according to your schedule,
you are invited for:

  • LIVE Interactive Inquires: Meditation, sharing & learning:
    Sunday Feb 28 – Friday March 5th, 1 – 2 pm EST
    you can participate in person (or video saved, available for the week)
  • Highly-Interactive finale, Saturday March 6th, 1 – 3pm EST
    Inner Exploration & Shift, Learning & Utilizing basic Soul Tools & Perspectives:

    • ‘BEing the Love you Want’ Shifting from the Inside, Out  Workshop
      This is my most popular offering, so many have found it life-changing.
      Only Available Live. MArk your calendar for full uninterrupted attention.
  • Facebook Group sharing, learning, connecting, initiating relationships…
    Sunday 28th until at least Sunday 7th

Register for Journey into LOVE – Come as my guest

FYI for those who want to go deeper, these online offerings will follow:

‘Dare to BE Love’ Soul Circle
Deep dive, life-shifting, everyday mystic playground for
just-in-time Learning, Healing, Growing, Blossoming… in an intimate group.

‘BEing the Change’ Soul Fundamentals Series
Tools & a Solid Place to Stand, to Shift your World, from the Inside-Out.
Safely, incrementally build Inner Resources, Intentional Inside Design;
more consciously perceive, shift and create, below everyday consciousness.

Register for Journey into LOVE – Come as my guest

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  1. I can’t attend anything during the day during the week due to my job. Can I participate anyway, somehow, or would it be best to wait for another opportunity?

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