Myths and Stories of Power with Starhawk, Bill Aal and Elle McSharry

Sunday, November 8, 2015
The Blue House

Our imaginations lead us through life and collectively guide our societies and cultures into the future.
How and what we imagine can either make us rigid or resilient in the face of challenge and struggle.

Spend a unique day with Starhawk, Bill Aal and Elle McSharry in the imaginal realm exploring the power of myth and story to support transformation on the levels of self, culture and society.
Together, through play, personal reflection, storytelling, and dream journeys we’ll examine the power we possess to shape the present and create the future.

Social-cultural myths: What are the myths and assumptions that divide us from the natural world and intimacy with the sacred?
How do we challenge these assumptions in life-giving ways?

Community myths: What stories do we tell in our communities?
Do they bring us together to improve our lives, or do they divide us?
How can we tell new stories or bring back old ones that can serve the spirit of community?

Personal myths: What are the stories we tell ourselves?
Do they empower our spirit or do they hold us back?
Can we transform our unexamined assumptions about who we are?

Sliding Scale: $70-$85.

Wear layers for comfort.
Bring a water bottle. Water and tea available.

Bring a pot-luck lunch to share, something that can sit-out on the counter all day, or bring a crock-pot to plug-in.
Or bring a bag lunch.
Or plan to a nearby store or restaurant for lunch.

This is not an official Seattle Spiritual Community Event.
Nor is it an official Blue House Event, it will not be our usual format.
We are hosting this amazing event, we hope you take advantage of the opportunity!

in Life, Wendy

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