Move Forward in Soul Strength, Safety, Balance and Ease, with Ascended Master Ganesha! (Meditation & Healing Workshop July 29, 2013)

Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles.
Come to KNOW Ganesha deeply for yourself,
and be Supported in your physical and in your spiritual life.

Ascended Masters are ideal guides for us in our soul journey:

  • They are masters of the earth-game (all the challenges and lessons we are tripping over) and they embody the balance of spiritual life in a physical body.
  • They can assist us to walk our path with more seniority, spiritual perspective, and power.
  • They offer compassion, neutrality and amusement in the places where we are still judging and resisting ourselves, others and our world.

In this meditation, you have the opportunity to:

  • Learn and practice some basic meditation techniques.
  • Create or deepen your present-time relationship with Ganesh, clear your own and other’s opinions & general religious information about him.
  • Share, if you choose, your experiences a couple times during this session.
  • Mostly, quietly enjoy let go and experience your inner world.

By working directly with Ganesh, in your soul, you can learn to:

  • Allow soul strength, safety, balance and ease more deeply into your body and your life.
  • Enjoy spiritual focus, sovereignty/agency, and conscious connection to your unique experience of your Source/ the God of your Heart.
  • Be Inspired by how Ganesha holds and balances the opposites of our human existence: physically, SO Earth-connected AND energetically, SO spiritually-focused.

What is exciting about this opportunity?

We energetically Work Together WITH an Ascended Master.
So, you don’t just intellectually learn about Ascended Masters
– because, as interesting as that may be, it won’t change your life!!!

We actually learn from the Master Consciously,
and more importantly Energetically.
Energetically learning from a Master has no intellectual meaning, it is a spiritual reality which must be experienced…

I look forward to playing with you soon!

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