Empaths: Let’s Stop the Suffering!

I am an empath.

I was so excited when I learned that there was such a thing as being an empath,
because I felt alone, and overwhelmed, and out of control, and freakish…

SO, I was excited to learn that I wasn’t alone, and I felt validated in my experience.

But now, decades later,
I am uncomfortable identifying as an empath,
or as a ‘A Highly-Sensitive Person’ (HSP).

Why is that?

Empaths can be powerful and capable.
Empaths get info about the state of the people and the vibes around them, that many miss.
Why would I feel uncomfortable about that?

These things are great!

But here is my issue:

for many of us, there is a suffering that goes along with being an Empath,
that is unnecessary.

That is not great.  And I would like to see us all let that go!

Without training, it is easy for us Empaths to feel overwhelmed by sensitivity to so much of life;
dominated by emotions, heaviness, darkness, problems, and suffering!
I am here to tell you – there is a WAY OUT.

I have enjoyed over a dozen years of freedom from all that crap!
This way of life is delightful and delicious,
and I am so peaceful and blessed to be past the bulk of this experience,
like being sucked into quicksand…

I am still an empath,
but I am a comfortable, happy and free Empath.
Able to help A LOT of folks with my abilities,
instead of being debilitated by them!

We can still keep the special gifts we are blessed-with

AND find balance with them!

If that sounds good to you – please read on…

From my expereince, the ups and downs of most people’s expereince of being an Empath
were modeled very well by Counselor Deanna Troi on Star Trek, The Next Generation.

If you are familiar, she was an Empath who received information that was often useful to herself and others.
BUT: she was sometimes overtaken by other energies/personalities, and she was sometimes overwhelmed by others emotions.

An interesting question, that I didn’t consider before my own training:
Isn’t it strange that an entire culture/species could have these abilities,
but not have the information/ability to care-for themselves and control their abilities
– specifically Clairsentience.

A Clairsentient is someone who has a heightened ability to perceive the information in our soul,
about how the body feels, body communication – emotions and sensations – our own and others – it is another word for Empath.

This inability for information moderation
as well as holding one’s own personal boundaries, that Deanna experienced, made for a great plot device (but it does not make a great life, for us!!! 😉

Fortunately, it turns out in REAL life,
there is a lot of information and a plethora of practices
that assist us to manage our information receptivity and
have our own experience.Unfortunately, this isn’t known to our common culture.
(I hope this life-shifting info, becomes more well-known!)

Knowledge and practices have been passed down through the millenia,
from many different sources and spiritual traditions,
about how to live comfortably, empowered and free:

in change of our own energy-system.

With practice,
these tools can become as easy as turning a volume control up and down.

Practicing these tools, has revolutionized my life!

Your suffering can be OVER!
The funadmental question is:
Are You ready for that?

Many are attached to the suffering, because of their perception that this helps others  (it does not ; )

Being overwhelmed by emotional information
and carrying other people’s garbage around,
doesn’t make us helpful, or special,
it makes us SAD and dis-empowered.

It turns out that Everyone has soul senses and abilities, its just that

– some of us have them turned way up – consciously: too much, ahhhh!
– some have them turned way down – consciously: too little, not sensing anything

– and some of us have them tuned – just about right, most of the time – Howlelujah! ; )

We can all find our volume controls – and come to balance!
Now that my dials are more comfortably and powerfully set,

not only am I SO much less miserable – physically, emotionally, relationally, in my soul…

I am free to be of true service in the world.

Now that I have chosen to do what it it takes to stop suffering and be free:
I have more and more energy available to live life, abundantly;

and to share Love, Light and Life in the world.

From my experience,
when we start to realize that we can be more energetically and emotionally comfortable
it is a choice we can make.

I teach folks how to do this all the time,
and my students consistently enjoy tremendous freedom and joy
… after years of their own unique brand of heartache and pain.


IF you are willing to learn, heal, and Practice change,
you too can stop the suffering as an Empath,
and live an amazing and abundant life.

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Best on your Unique Journey,

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