BEing the Love you Want: Invite IN your Desire (Meditation Workshop)

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Whether in a long-term relationship or single,
many of us deal with the same issues:

  • a long story of loneliness,
  • unfulfilled desires,
  • experience of UN-wholeness.

Our desires are amazingly similar among many of us:

  • We want to feel complete and connected, alone or with others.
  • How do we get someone to love us? validate us?
  • What do we have to do, be, to savor comfortable companionship?

We have been taught and trained
to cast about outside ourselves for what we want and need.
But, that doesn’t work… at least not for long!

The Secret is: LET IN the things that we desire!
From Heaven & Earth – and flowing from our own Hearts.

Then we are Free:
to be, to do, to share:

In this workshop we will learn and practice
allowing the love that you are searching for,
INSIDE yourself!

As you allow this practice to transform you,
your experience of love and your satisfaction in your relationships
can completely blossom.

In this meditation, you have the opportunity to:
open to your soul experience of

  • Affinity (Oneness, Essential Connection) and
    Validation (I’m ok, you’re ok; whole & complete)

  • Learning & practicing some basic soul tools,
    sitting comfortably in a chair

  • Sharing, if you choose, your experiences
    a couple times during this session

  • mostly: Quietly enjoying
    letting go and experiencing your inner world

You will receive value,
whether you are a just beginning or well-along your Unique Soul Path:

Open to continual transformation of your experience
of Love and Relationships, within & with ALL, forever.

in LIFE!

Register for Saturday, March 6th, 1-3 pm EST 
Receive Zoom link immediately & via email