Inner Certainty, trusting the Truth of My Own Experience: an essential foundation of My Empowered Life

Am I crazy?
I wondered this deep down, for a lot of my life.
My perceptions / experience / reality differed from ‘theirs’.
But, I had been told so often, with much force, in fear and trembling:
I was wrong, I was bad.
I believed this way down deep.
I had a hard time knowing my own truth, and walking in it.
  • BEing who I really was,
  • DOing what was natural for me,
  • SAYing my truth,
  • OWNing my own Power,
  • ACTing according to my own Will.
  • KNOWing it was Safe and Delicious to be me…

I was not free to just BE.
This kind of Authentic Life is a challenge for most of us.
And for those of us whose survival seemed-to rest on *their* truth, not *my* truth;
the challenges multiply exponentially.
I know I am not alone in this challenge.
Turns out, I am in good company (its actually getting kinda crowded around here ; )
And each of us is Sharing, Learning, Healing, Growing, finding our Way…
Then a really interesting thing happened here in America:
What we have only heard in the dark, is being spoken in the Light.
God Bless Donald Trump;
and this Bizarre political season.
Bigger and Brasher than ever before,
Our very personal narratives have gone very public:
Lights! Camera! Action! watch an unapologetic abuser do his thing… in the light of day.
Yes, it is stimulating / triggering.
And it is also an incredible chance for us to:

  • see clearly,
  • to be-with what is,
  • then purge this pattern, pop this pimple of our collective consciousness.

WE do this, from the inside out,
No one is gonna do it for us!
But, we can receive a lot of help…
This Truth is being shared in unlikely places.
If you haven’t seen it, please check this out:
TEEN VOGUE – who would have guessed, the children really will lead us:
Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America: In this scorched-earth op-ed, Lauren Duca takes on Trump’s systematic attempts to destabilize the truth and weaken the foundation of American freedom.
Yes please, of course,
let’s stabilize our shared/public relationship with the Truth,
and support our shared, public Freedom.
The sooner, the better!
Meanwhile, I believe, to do this, we must each
start Here, Now, Within – in our own core –
to stabilize Truth inside ourselves,
in support of our own, inner Freedom.
Most of us need to start within, shoring-up our own foundations,
before we can make a strong foundation to help heal our world.
So, let’s dig-in.
“You argue over things that shouldn’t be up for debate  –
your feelings, your opinions, your experience of the world.”
~ Shea Emma Fett, in an article about gaslighting
Our feelings, our opinions, our experiences are not up for debate.
When / where / if our perceptions are up for debate, it’s crazy-making.
This shows us our foundations have been injured, and we need healing, support.
So, let’s dig-in.
I have found an antidote to these Crazy-making experiences,
in which my perceptions and experiences seem to be invalidated,
and my very Self feels undermined.
In building my empowered life, in which I am Captain of my ship!
I have found that, an essential foundation is:
Inner Certainty, trusting the Truth of My Own Experience.
When we have Inner Certainty, within ourselves:
– of who we are, separate from ‘them’, and
– of our own experience – spiritual and physical;
our foundations become much more solid, and the world opens-up for us.
With Inner Certainty, we can start our transition
from feeling like Victims, to acting like Victors;
from ‘it is happening to me’ to ‘I am happening to it’.
With Inner Certainty, we are pointed toward freedom!
– Free to agree or disagree, engage or ignore.
– Free to come or go, as it suits our own needs and our own best interests.
– Free to honor our own inclinations, dance to our own music, sing our own song…
When we are Free from the inside, we honor other’s freedom, as well.
When we have Inner Certainty, we honor other’s right and ability to have *their* own inner experience, their own truth – even if it varies from their own.
When we are free within, to stand in our own Truth; we have No need to fight with anyone about it… no need to fight ‘them’ for our own truth.
We can just Be.
Meanwhile, back to one of the intrinsic parts of many abuse cycles: gaslighting.
Gaslighting is basically the opposite of Certainty, it says:

  • Your Truth doesn’t matter – only ’their’ truth matters.
  • You Don’t Know your own self or your own experience.
  • You cannot trust your own perceptions.

That sucks.
And when gaslighting is done by someone with power over us:
It not only undermines our freedom and empowerment.
It can eventually break our will and our sanity.
But here is the lever we can utilize to shift our lives and our world:

  • No matter how loud or pervasive the gaslighting,
  • From within we can focus on our own game – not engaging their game.

As adults, we are called to play our own game:
from the core of our true-selves,
and from there, out into the world.
Most of us don’t actually know how to do this.
But, we can learn!
And then:
WHEN we stand in our own Truth, deep inside ourselves, to our core, on our own foundation…
We develop our own Inner Certainty.
No matter what ‘they’ do,
From our own Inner Certainty, within ourselves
(and hopefully more and more into the world) :

  • we can Act instead of React,
  • we can be Captain of our ship,
  • we can be Star, Director, Writer of our own show,

From our own Inner Certainty, within ourselves
We can begin to play the game that WE choose
– not one that ‘they’ choose for us.
And from this place of an Empowered Life,
of being in our own Truth, with Certainty and Freedom:

  • we can stand empowered and equipped
  • to stabilize our public/shared relationship with the Truth, and support Freedom for us all.

If you got this, Great – Let’s Rock.
If you want support for this, Get it!
If you don’t believe this is even possible:

  • please Ask for a miracle;
  • please Seek for new information and possibilities, to dream new dreams, to move mountains;
  • please Knock down every door that stands-in your way – every Limit, Lie, Hurdle, Glass-ceiling…

Inner Certainty, trusting the Truth of My Own Experience,
is an essential foundation of My Empowered Life.
I hope you find this for yourself, as well!
The world needs us Adults to get Free, stand in our Truth, empowered to Act.
So, let’s dig-in.
in Life! Wendy

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