Hello ‘happy ending’: the Villains, the Resistance in our lives, can Move

I can’t give a big enough WOW for this post by Steven Pressfield:
The Villain is Not Always a Person
“Or even a creature.

“Sometimes the villain is entirely inside the characters’ (almost always the protagonist’s) head.

“The villain can be a fear, an obsession, a desire, a dream, a conception of reality, an idea of what “the truth” really is.”

Giving our inner Agency, Authority, Seniority
over to the domination of anything or anyone,
is to lose our soul
… even if we gain the whole world.

This game is always within us,
and Steven Pressfield explicates this beautifully.

DO I want to be attacked by the Shark
– no.
Does it behoove me to act in ways that keep me from being attacked; while still playing my own game, meeting my goals, enjoying my life
– yes.

BUT, if I let my own fear of the Shark
decide my coming and going,
control my thoughts and feelings,
dominate my life – even when no shark could ever touch me…

Then clearly this inner game,
which I am here to enjoy, to win…
clearly I am losing the game,
when I let the Shark-within-me win.

From my perspective,
Steven Pressfield is truly wise.
He has been in the trenches for a long time, and
he Really knows what he is talking about on this issue.

At the end of the blog, he brings up Resistance
– and he says this is the true enemy – what?

Oh, he always says that,
it is the bell he rings.
So, I can just ignore it?

No, actually, this insight is ridiculously brilliant!

This is what he says, exactly, in conclusion:

” Every villain is a metaphor for Resistance.

“What this means is that the ultimate antagonist is not a man-eating shark or a monster from space. It is an idea carried in our own heads (we’re the heroes, remember, of our own lives) and as invisible to us as Julianne’s and K’s and Nat Turner’s self-enslavement was to them before they woke up.

“The turning point for us too comes when we see through the Wizard’s curtain and reject this idea once and for all.”

Preach, Steven!
: )

From my perspective,
Steven Pressfield sees Resistance
as the active force
that keeps us from our producing our Art our Creation, our Life.

I would say, coming to our fruition, our teleios, becoming who we are and doing what we are here to do – possibly what only we can do, in our own unique way…

I highly recommend Steven Pressfield’s blogs and his works
that are designed-to support, educate, inspire artists, creators, humans
to Do The Work, to march forward in The War of Art
in the face of Resistance – push back.

He explicates what he calls Resistance,
and helps us not be controlled, dominated by it.

As a soul reader and healer I am well-acquainted with Resistance, in myself and others.
And to validate my understanding of Steven Pressfield’s position in general, and in his blog post,
I will say how I energetically see Resistance.

Basically, I tend to see Resistance as the same vibration as Despair, Hopelessness, Doubt, Darkness, Death, Hate, Punishment, Anti-God energies…

These vibrations can be seen as things that take us away-from, block, fight:

Our Source:
Our Unique Way in this world.

It’s funny, because as a working healer for over a dozen years,
I have noticed over and over,
and to me it has become somewhat axiomatic:

The energies that I see as Pink
help clear the energies that I see as Black.
{no value judgements here – just energy :}

Black colors like Resistance tend to be deep and difficult to shift – often like tar, or charcoal.
Most of what we do with them, energetically, doesn’t seem to move them, or move much of them.

But I have found over and over, thousands of times,
for me and for many I have taught or worked-with energetically:

Pink does something with Black energy – often quite a lot of movement occurs with Pink.
Pinks tend to help Blacks move by:
thinning-them-out – kind of like paint-thinner;
becoming more malleable – kind of like warming them-up.

I tend to read pinks in these ways:

– light, baby pink: Freedom and Permission energy

– medium pink: Amusement (playful, taking it lightly) and Havingness (ability to open-to Goodness, say YES to Life Abundantly) energy

– deep rose pink: Affinity (experiencing the Oneness that spiritually IS, what many expereince as the yummy part of love)

{yes, there is no is with energy reading/healing – sometimes colors and meaning change by person – but this is a strong tendency in how I expereince spiritual reality}

Up until today, I have been saying to folks for many years:
I don’t really know why Pinks work so well to help us release the Blackness, no one taught this to me, but I have noticed it, quite a lot – try it with yourself and folks you are assisting to heal, and see what you notice…

My job is to dance the energies in spiritual reality and therefore shift physical experience,
not to intellectually or even consciously understand everything I see – this would-be impossible and very limiting

But as I sit with Steven Pressfield’s powerful post about the Villain, and where the push-back comes from.
And I share with you about how I see Resistance, how it is so tenacious, and what I see moves it.
This pink/black thing all makes much more conscious sense to me.

Of course, Freedom to walk Our Unique Way in this world moves Resistance.

Of course, coming to Truth moves Doubt.
Of course, coming to Light moves Darkness.
Of course, coming to Life moves Death.

Of course, Affinity, coming to Love moves Hate.

Of course, Amusement moves Despair, Hopelessness.
Of course, Permission moves Punishment.
Of course, Havingness moves Anti-God energies…

Of course, coming to Our Source MOVES us.

{maybe not-so ‘of course’ for you, IDK.
But I work with these energies most every day, and I know them – how they look, feel, taste, behave…
and for me, this all makes more sense than it did an hour ago
– so thanks for witnessing my insight, at least
– and hopefully seeing something for yourself ; }

When we take a Stand,
from the inside, out;
Resistance Falls.

Without effort or striving,
with ease and grace,
with inner attention and intention,
pink moves black, if we let it.

In this way, the Villains, the people and things in our lives,
and most especially the energies within us;
that push-back against LIFE,
and that more Abundantly, and Creatively;
can Move – and we can Move into our own ‘happy ending’.

Thanks for reading,
of course YMMV
Let me know – what is your experience?