Gift Yourself or a Friend: HALF-PRICE Holiday Specials for the New YEAR

Ready to PLAY a Whole New Game in 2023? Transform from the INside-OUT!

Everything that is on Special below, I have been offering since 2005.
Although, I daresay, this iteration is SO much more Awesome,
as I have Developed in my own Practice.

But, these New, Improved Structures are not well Explained or Established, yet.
I would like to Encourage Attention & Gain Momentum.
Join us, Enjoy! (and help this new Initiative take Flight)

Gift Yourself or a Friend:

HALF-PRICE Holiday Specials for the New YEAR


Enjoy the Soul GYM all year:

at least 4 LIVE Meditations/ month, throughout 2023: $600
– videos (sometimes audios) available if you miss
– AND ACTIVE Meditation Learning & Practice Library – large, and Growing.

{What can you expect in the Soul GYM? See Winter Schedule & 2023 Topics}


Better than I expected, and I expected it to be a wonderful experience.
I learned so many new techniques that I will put to use.

Wendy was personable, funny, caring and knowledgeable.
She was respectful of the various faith backgrounds.
– SU, South River, NJ

{want to read more feedback?}


Meet with Wendy at a convenient time for you, and focus on what you need NOW:

Personal Training for a year,
or however you want to slice it:

12 hours Personal Training AND Enjoy the Soul GYM all year: $1,800
24 hours Personal Training AND Enjoy the Soul GYM all year: $2,400

{Read more about Personal Training}


I need someone that I can trust completely.
I want a teacher with whom I have a heart/soul connection.
Spiritual technique and skills are great,
but where the teacher is on their spiritual path is more important.

I miss your soothing voice and your use of humor.
Your being and presence are healing.
From you, l feel an interest in me and my journey,
and an intuitive sense of what I need to get to the next level.
You present/explain things in a way that resonate with me.

I’d like to start working with you again.

{Want to keep reading about what is possible?}


Group Classes/ Soul Development Circles

(Begin early in 2023: Planned to start first week in March)

Jump In NOW, get an early vote on meeting days/times & a phenomenal Price!
48+ hours of group-work: $1,500
{Bring a Friend
new to this work, and invest only $1,200 each}

FOUNDATIONS Learning & Practice Library  – it’s already large, and will keep Growing.
AND more STRUCTURE for Deepening Peer Connections & Support,
AND Enjoy the Soul GYM for a year,
AND some other Fun & Generous SURPRISES.

(Read more about Group Classes: FOUNDATIONS & what is possible from there}


I felt at peace… Enjoyed last nights class.
Do have to tell you: at the end of the class
something spoke to me and said ‘you can teach this’.
Then a wave of confidence came over me and I said yes I can….

I am seeing as I go on,
I am no longer just accepting the way things are right now in my life.
– JL

{others share as well, if you please}


Gift Yourself or a Friend:
HALF-PRICE Holiday Specials for the New YEAR

  • Let’s PLAY!
    These are some straightforward options,
    Contact me to talk about what you Really want,
    Together and we can Create a Package to help you make all your Dreams come True.

  • These Prices Only available until Launch (beginning of January) 
    & will never be lower.
  • If you have budgetary concerns, please don’t get stopped. 
    If You are Committed to your Path, and you Choose to work with me:
    Talk to me, NOW. W
    e can find Creative ways to balance Giving & Receiving.
  • I Guarantee:
    IF you give yourself to this Process:
    – Show up for LIVE Practice regularly,
       as well as invest in your own daily Meditation Practice of what you are learning.
    – Engage your unique cycles of Soul Learning, Healing & Growth…
    you will experience extraordinary Results in 2023
    – or I will refund all your money.


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