The Inexorable SEIZE the Realm/Reign of Heaven/God

The less we understand what Jesus is saying,
the more important it is to find out.

Jesus is speaking to spiritual reality utilizing physical reality.
He is not being rational, or trying to make sense to our human mind. 

He is utilizing human language, paradigms, stories…
to have us develop eyes to see and ears to hear Spiritually, in our SOUL

BEYOND the everyday – materialistic, scientific… 
to the Realm of Heaven/ God – which is among us – here there, everywhere.

So, when he is not making sense to us
it’s a sign that there is a BIG MORE for us in our walk with Jesus, today.

in my Soul Practice, I have come to value the word Inexorable
male active unstoppability – going forward/ toward regardless

going FOR what Really Matters, what we Truly desire in God
– Regardless of what happens along the way, regardless of impediments

I have come to associate this with the song from U2:
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Lookin For.
This is the song of the everyday Christian, as well as post-Christian.
We can Fully Live What we are Looking For – but MOST get STOPPED too Early – GIVE UP.

Jesus main message was about the Realm of God/Heaven
It was what HE CALLED the GOOD NEWS – Gospel.

But he was clear that we Must COUNT the COST
which is Everything
The Pearl of Great Price
The Treasure in the Field

I haven’t found what I’m lookin for,
so let me cast about in the world for it!

When we don’t give up, amazing things happen.

It helps A LOT to learn from others.
NOT usually WHAT to SEE & HEAR, but HOW to SEE & HEAR – in our own SOUL

SO Many padding around n the Dark – Blind Leading the Blind.
It helps beyond reckoning to get some Help, to Learn from others’ Mistakes & Successes, Wisdom & Practices.
We don’t have to reinvent the Wheel – we can TAKE the Wheel and GO Further, Faster, Funner…

FOCUS our ATTENTION – Developing and Keeping our Attention as a singe-pointed Focus really Matters,
Jesus according to Matthew said “The lamp of the body is the eye, if, therefore, thine eye may be perfect/ whole/ single/ simple/ clear all thy body shall be enlightened/ full of Light.”

INTENTION – Developing and Keeping our Attention Focused on what TRULY MATTERS
The writer of Philippians says: “one thing indeed: Forgetting the things behind and reaching forward to the things ahead, 14I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus”

I am very grateful to find RICHARD BECK speaking intelligently and scripturally to this verse.
The 3 part series starts here

Here are some parts I find particularly useful:

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully coming, and the forceful seize it… forcefully take it… grab it…

From John to Jesus the kingdom of heaven had been forcefully advancing. And yet, the kingdom was being met with doubt and questioning. Even John was starting to waver. So Jesus declares that the kingdom is advancing. The army is on the move, so now is the time to forcefully seize this opportunity. But sadly, the people were meeting the kingdom with doubt and a lukewarm reception. The people lacked urgency or interest. Instead of forcefully seizing the kingdom there was apathy.

…The kingdom was, rather, being dismissed and ignored. Matthew 11.12 is a rebuke, a call to action, a challenge to doubting and questioning audiences to forcefully seize the kingdom.

the last post of this 3 part blog is Really worth reading, IMOe, it concludes:

What Jesus had predicted Matthew shows us as coming true. In contrast to the apathy the kingdom was being met with in Israel the pagans in Tyre and Sidon were forcefully seizing the kingdom. The woman would not be denied. She forced her way into the kingdom.

Yes, Jesus does throw up barriers in Matthew 15. But I think Jesus does this to make a point. Look, Jesus is saying, how in the face of the kingdom these people refuse to be denied. This is the forceful response I’m looking for but can’t find in Israel.

The kingdom is forcefully coming and the forceful, like this woman, forcefully seize it.

I really appreciate Jesus utilizing a woman to illustrate this – it is a male energy – which some want to suppress in women, but is MUCH MUCH needed for women to build this soul muscle to play our part in the realm/ reign of God/Heaven.


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