Ready to Invest in Your Exciting Inner Exploration and Soul rEvolution?
Come enjoy a Taste of Graceful Soul Academy:
– VALIDATE your Soul Senses & Abilities
– RECEIVE introduction to Soul Tools & Insights
– CONNECT with body, Spirit & ALL your Relations
Come BLOOM in our Zoom Room!
CREATE Conscious Growth, Healing, Wellness, Fulfillment, Service…
You are Invited,
regardless of your Spiritual, Religious, or Meditation Background.

New folks Step-into New & Learn.
Experienced folks Assist & Continually Deepen.

Please prepare to be Engaged:

If at all possible, have your Video ON when we are relating together.
Video, on or off, as you please, when meditating.

You will be invited to briefly share/ ask questions a couple times, IF you please.
So be ready to turn your
 Audio on a couple times.
Otherwise, please be muted if you have any background noise.

We will sit quietly in chairs for most of the hour.
The structure tends to be:
welcome, introductions,
meditation on the topic led by Spirit and the needs of the group,
closing & sharing, if you please. 

 with welcome, introductions, meditation with inner tools, led by Spirit and needs of the group .
Each week, we utilize a few Soul Tools & Practices,
to give us a Solid Place to Stand within and
Leverage to Perceive, Choose & Act, below everyday consciousness.
Each week is Fresha different structure & focus
to highlight various aspects of this Practice, and how it can serve you.

Details you need:

  1. REGISTER: for ZOOM Sessions,
    receive confirmation email, with link
  2. PLAN: ONE hour PLUS
    Please plan to be on ZOOM 5-10 minutes before & after stated time.
  3. NEW to this practice?
    – you must be present when we begin.
    – your first time FREE – please come as my guest.
    – want to Learn MORE?  What to expect
I look forward to seeing you soon!
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Graceful Soul
Spiritual Deepening & Human Development Academy
for Transformers:
Mystics. Healers. Creatives. Leaders.

More Comfortable, Easeful Soul Evolution: Fruition.
Uncover, Mature & Magnify within, and into your world: your unique Contribution.

More Conscious, Empowered Soul Engagement.
Be informed, understand, choose & act; below everyday Consciousness.