Our focus in January: Soul Sovereignty
January Healing Circle & PLAYshop ZOOM LINK

Welcome to Thursday Evening, ACTIVE Meditation PLAYshops:
Enjoy a Taste of the Exciting Inner Exploration and Soul rEvolution
we Invest-in together, at Graceful Soul Academy.
– VALIDATE your Soul Senses & Abilities
– RECEIVE introduction to Soul Tools & Insights
– CONNECT with body, Spirit & ALL your Relations
Come BLOOM in our Zoom Room!
CREATE Conscious Growth, Healing, Wellness, Fulfillment, Service…
You are Invited, regardless of your Spiritual, Religious, or Meditation Background.
New folks Step-into New & Learn.  Experienced folks Assist & Continually Deepen.
Please prepare to be Engaged: your Video on; your Audio on when you are speaking, and off when you are not.
We will sit quietly in chairs for most of the hour, you will be invited to briefly share your experience/ ask questions a few times, IF you please.
Each week, we utilize a few Soul Tools & Practices,
to give us a Solid Place to Stand within and Leverage to Perceive, Choose & Act, below everyday consciousness.
Each week is Fresh: a different structure & focus to highlight various aspects of this Practice, and how can serve you.
Details you need:

  1. REGISTER: see top of page for link to join ZOOM Sessions,
    receive confirmation email, with link.
    Utilize link each Thursday this month, no need to re-register.
  2. PLAN: ONE hour, beginning: 5:30 Pacific, 8:30 Eastern USA.
    Please plan to be on ZOOM 5-10 minutes before & after stated time.
  3. NEW to this practice?
    – you must be present when we begin.
    – your first time FREE – please come as my guest.
    – want to Learn MORE?  What to expect
  4. DONATION Requested: $30 (sliding scale $15 – $45)
    Invest in Healthy Balance of ‘giving & receiving’, and Pay it Forward:
    After your first time free: Graceful Soul Donation.
I look forward to seeing you soon!
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