HOLY MOSES! Reclaim Leadership over your Domain (Meditation Workshop)

Friday, January 30, 2015
Key Center Building, Bellevue

BE a Leader as a Way of Life, with Ascended Master Moses
Meditation Workshop led by Wendy R Wolf & Lynn Brown!

We are each called to live out a unique and significant role in this lifetime for the betterment of our soul as well as the universe as a whole. Now is the time to step into it, more.

• Come be Inspired to be a Powerful Leader – within yourself and in your life – by following your spiritual information.

• Come practice Opening to your inner voice, the call of your path, the difference only you can uniquely make in your world.

• Moses embodied these Leadership qualities, he can show you how!
– Learn more about Moses

What is exciting about this opportunity:

• We energetically Work/Play Together WITH an Ascended Master.

• So, you don’t just intellectually learn about an Ascended Master – because, as interesting as that may be, it won’t change your life!!!

• We actually learn from the Master Consciously, and more importantly Energetically. Energetically learning from a Master has no intellectual meaning, it is a spiritual reality which must be experienced…

See below for more details…
See you SOON!

• See more about Ascended Masters, and how we play with them. (http://raiseyourvibrationwithascendedmasters.blogspot.com/search/label/Intro%20to%20Masters)

• Find out what you need to know for your first Ascended Master workshop! (http://raiseyourvibrationwithascendedmasters.blogspot.com/2014/01/what-are-evening-meditation-workshops.html)


Doors open at 5:45

6 – 6:45 – Introduction to Inner Tools
– If you are new to our practice, to learn Grounding, Centering, Golden Sun/Waterfall, Releasing energy, Creating & Letting Go and Growth Periods; extra $15.
– If you already know these tools, come as our guest to participate in Introduction, or just arrive at 6:45.

6:45 – 7 – Break with refreshments

7-9pm – Meditation Workshop with Moses
In the middle and after workshop – Break with refreshments

Doors close 9:15


Base price $35
– If new to our practice, please come by 6pm, add $15.
– If you are registered for the follow-up workshop: Om your Leadership, Om your Life (http://soultechwendyrwolf.blogspot.com/2015/01/om-your-leadership-om-your-life-workshop.html) Saturday 31st, subtract $15.

In this workshop, especial focus with Lynn Brown, on working with Moses around:

1 – Love of the land and animals, and love of “your people”.

2 – The Promised Land.

3 – Direct communication with the God of your Heart. Focusing on the Goal given to You, with body, mind, and spirit.

4 – What is it for you to “go to your desert.” Being ok being alone, being in solitude. Removing toxins from your life and flying solo.