ENOUGH! with Mother Mary

Are you experiencing in yourself, in your life & interactions:

  • Shame
  • Vulnerability
  • Self-Doubt
  • Savorless Living
  • Unforgiveness
  • Judgment
  • Dysfunctional Patterns

Are you Willing to stop Living this way? Able to start Learning new tricks?

  • Acquire internal Levers & Distinctions,
    to support you to shift from the INside-OUT
  • Open to Divine Blessings from Earth & Heaven
    that can help you shift, naturally.
  • Discover how to organically Raise your Vibration
    & shift your Consciousness in relationship with an Ascended Master
  • Receive the inner rewards of delving-into, investing-in your Soul:
    Deep Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Balance…
  • Find your Capacity to grow into being Captain of your Life,
    Master of your Destiny, in the face of these kinds of challenges.

ENOUGH! is Possible

Enough! .Release the Dung you are Done-with
Enough! .Receive the Deliciousness you Desire

Are you Ready to Delve DEEPER?  Join us: Living in ENOUGH!
– IN the FLOW of Sacred Truth with Mother Mary
– IN the Cornucopia of Blessings, Spiritual Riches for you from Heaven & Earth:
...filling you up & Overflowing

Start the New Year in a NEW WAY:
BE, DO, Have, Share, Let-In, Let-Go… ENOUGH!.

Come Savor the FLOW of Blessings of Sacred Truth – for you and yours,
in these in various taste-tones:

Receiving Soul Validation
– Releasing Shame and Invalidation, Lies & Falsehoods
(I am NOT ENOUGH, broken, bad, unworthy, un-deserving)

Receiving Soul Trust
– Releasing default CONTRACTION, Vulnerability, Hyper-vigilence, HIDING;
which undermines our Creativity, Connections and natural Collaboration. 

Receiving Soul Certainty
– Releasing Self-Doubt, that keeps us from confidence-in
& validity-of our OWN Unique Internal Perceptions & Experience

Receiving Soul Forgiveness
– Releasing Savorless Living: STUCK in Past, w/People, in what happened.
IN Resistance: Resentment, Mean, Merciless;,Ungenerous, Unforgiving…

Receiving Soul Gratefulness
– Releasing Entitlement/ taking for granted/ obliviousness
of Beauty, Love, Life, Joy… everything in heaven and on earth

Receiving Soul Acceptance & the Miracle of BEing here, now, with what IS
– releasing Judgment-of & Competition-with
ourselves, each other, this Reality, the Divine

Receiving Soul Healing & Creating… unto Fruition (Teleios)
– Releasing damaging Habits, Agreements, Patterns, Set-points that are heavy & Dark, Blocking Grace & Light: in the way of your true self & path


Healing & Creativity Meditation in a Sweet Circle of Companions.
Playing within ourselves.
Dancing with Heaven & Earth.

deep-dive into Sacred Truth & BEing with What IS!
Mentored by Mother Mary, and
Supported by Wendy & a small, sweet group of like-minded folks.

Contact Wendy for more info & to help create what may serve YOU!

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