My name is Wendy R Wolf

I have found what I’m looking for.

I continually unveil my evolving Self, my fulfilling Answers, my enthusiastic Way, my passionate Contribution in this world…
I am blessed to share a Proven & Practical Process, to help you unveil – in Your Own Way.
The journey is not easy, but the Fruit is Delicious

It took me a lot of struggle, suffering… a Long time.
I hope you enjoy your unique journey, in Ease and Grace.
If you choose – please learn from my mistakes, as well as Insights & Practices that help find Traction

I always wanted to KNOW:

Who am I, and why am I here?
Where is the meaning in this crazy, consuming world: the Truth?
How do I Connect? Understand the conflicting choices of those around me?

What is the best Way to invest my One Precious Life?
What about all this God/Spirit-stuff?
How do I Live? What does it even mean, to Love

Some things I learned, I thought, I felt… TRIPPED me:

I didn’t belong. I was a square peg, in a round hole.
I wasn’t enough, there was something wrong with me, I didn’t deserve.
What They Expected of me, was much more important than… well, anything above.

I should TRY Much Harder (than I already was trying) to fit in,
to get with the program, to look, act, get the results that I was “Supposed-to”.

But, at the same time, I looked around, and
I didn’t see anyone who lived a life I wanted to live.
No one seemed to be winning a Game that I even wanted to play..

So, I muddled through. I did my best to love & serve & find my way.
I adventured within, I read a lot, I followed my hunger for wisdom, purpose, and the best ways I could find to serve Life.

But since I first heard it, I related to U2’s song;
so deeply, painfully, frustratingly:
“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”

Well, all this changed, and I will share more with you about my journey,
because (if you know about worthwhile journeys) you will guess:
things got a Lot worse, before they got better.


an Overview

Wendy R. Wolf has been consciously, dedicatedly dancing & wrestling with the Divine, passionately since 1982.
She says: “It is such a rich, exciting way to live!”

Her abiding passion for spiritual deepening, healing, growth and presence,
as well as her deep connection with All her Relations,
make her a remarkable inspiration and nurturing supporter for others on their unique soul journey.

in 2002, Wendy moved to Seattle from NJ, to train in meditation, healing, and opening to soul senses and abilities / psychic development, to spur recovery from prolonged chronic illness, and a challenging internal & external life.

Applying soul tools,
she found much more than relief from physical symptoms.
Allowing healing and transformation for herself and her life,
she set out to share these life-changing gifts with others.

BLOOM is the vehicle for Wendy to share her gifts with the world.
Since 2005, she has served as a Trusted

  • Healer & Soul Transformation Facilitator, and
  • Leader of a growing team of SoulTech Healers,
    who inspire & support each in their unique Soul Journey,
    assist folks to Overcome, Become & Come to Fruition
    – transforming Life’s Challenges into Lucrative Adventures!



Wendy’s Training and Professional Story


Wendy’s Official Training:

  • Bachelors degree in Religion.
  • Certified Massage Therapist.
  • Ordained as a Psychic Reader & Soul Healer,
    as well as Certified as a Spiritual Teacher.

Wendy’s Life Training:

  • At 30, she was called as a ‘Healer’, and immediately started breaking.  She succumbed to a syndrome of chronic illnesses, stuck in pain & fatigue, bed-ridden for years!
  • At 40, with increasing well-being, having learned to powerfully heal and create in her life, as well as safely assist and inspire others to do the same; she began investing in her life’s work in a whole new & powerful way:  serving soul evolution.

Want More details? Read on…

  • Because Wendy loved playing with religious and spiritual theory & practice; and because she hoped to go on to serve as a minister or monastic: she graduated (Rutgers University; New Brunswick, NJ) with a Bachelors degree in Religion.
  • She needed more real-world experience, as well as emotional and spiritual healing & maturity before ministry, so she served in non-profits (Girl Scouts of the USA and American Red Cross) throughout her 20’s, in volunteer & field management, logistics, and training.
  • As she turned 30, her path of service took another turn as she was called as a ‘Healer’.  So, she invested a year in a holistic, integrated training program and graduated (Health Choices for the Healing Arts; Belle Mead, NJ) to become a Certified Massage Therapist.  She built a successful massage practice, providing nurturing comfort and care to clients.

What brought Wendy to her current service as a Mystic Mentor and Soul Transformation Facilitator?

  • After being called as a Healer, Wendy’s body started breaking; within a few years, she was chronically ill.  Her physical and energetic symptoms were debilitated and took her away from her work, leaving her nearly bedridden for several years.  Nothing she tried alleviated her afflictions, and most things she tried actually made her experience worse.  She searched the country for a solution.
  • After years spent in darkness desperately searching for the light at the end of the tunnel, she found a spiritual practice that Actually Worked for her.  She studied that meditation and spiritual awareness path (CDM Spiritual/Psychic Training Center; Everett, WA) for four years, earning her Ordination, as well as Certification as a Spiritual Teacher.
  • Not only did she commit to her healing path through this program, she also learned how to powerfully assist others.  Firmly back on her path of Soul Consciousness, with increasing well-being, she got back to her life’s ministry in a whole new way.
  • At 40, in 2005, Wendy began sharing the light which was her own salvation with others. She now works with clients across the country; truly inviting the world become a brighter place.
  • In 2018, Wendy was called to focus on serving Mystics and Mystic Community & Culture.



Some flavor for who Wendy is, in everyday life:

Wendy loves Connecting with Momma Nature – particularly Wilderness energy!  found in the ocean, deep mountains, etc.

Other interests include: reading, writing, movies, cooking, quote collecting, playing with kids, doing ‘nothing’!

All of life is her spiritual practice;  she utilizes inner tools to assist her to consciously act as spirit in body, to follow her unique spiritual path, and to enjoy the ride!

Wendy loves to play with spiritual deepening, personal development, as well as relationships; intimate connection with All Relations, human sexuality & communication (she used to serve as a Relationship Coach).

She invests heavily in her own healing, relationship with the Beloved/God, as well as inspiring transformation for All.

She has lived

  • mostly at the NJ Shore her first 34.5 years
  • 3 years all over North America
  • 16 years in beautiful Ballard (Seattle)
  • 1/2 year throughout Western & Southern US
  • 1.5 years in the Triangle (Cary NC)
  • since 2021 she has been enjoying a nomadic lifestyle throughout Eastern US, especially: Myrtle Beach SC, Asheville NC, NJ Shore, Hudson Valley NY and Copper Harbor, Upper Peninsula MI. 

She is enjoying how her life is evolving in deliciousness and in service.
Here is a pic from mountains near Seattle, with her Partner since 1995 – Michael.


Wendy’s Special Sauce

What is special about what Wendy offers?

There are so many amazing Soul Transformation Paths and talented Facilitators to choose from.
The challenge, is to find someone You can work & play with, that fits well with You:  your vibration, your values, your goals…

Will you resonate with Wendy & this Process?
or would your needs be better served elsewhere?

Below are a Dozen things that Wendy values, how she operates
together with her unique essence, they make up her Special Sauce:

1) Wendy enhances each person’s unique soul senses and abilities.
(more below if you keep reading)

2) Wendy
learns and helps you learn below everyday consciousness.
One way is through Matching  – energetically monkey see – monkey do – Ascended Masters, and from humans who have Become Amazing in specific ways.
So, she doesn’t just tell you about Ascended Masters (like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin…) – because, as interesting as they may be, that won’t change your life!
You actually communicate with them, learn from them, and heal with them.
And most importantly, you LEARN from these Masters ENERGETICALLY.
Wendy shares the fundamentals of Matching – Sending & receiving a spiritual transmission – so you are equipped to do this ON YOUR OWN.

3) Wendy is not a guru
She may be just a few steps ‘ahead’ of you in practice… or even ‘behind’ you in ability to Shine Light.
But she does have something to offer!

  • SoulTech: Awesome Tools & Distinctions that act as levers in your system, to ratchet you where you want to go, to assist you to let go of what you are done with, allow New Energy & Possibilities in, and MOVE in the direction of your dreams!
  • She has invested in her own spectrum of amazing training through the years,
    AND she has A Lot of clinical experience:
    Besides a lifetime of relationship, communication and spiritual training opportunities, she participated in an Extraordinary Psychic & Healing Training Program, where she learned & practiced intensely for over 4 years.
    And, since 2005, she has been serving and learning with hundreds of folks to develop and practice what she offers for Soul Transformation.

4) Wendy is called as a Healer.
Right after she turned 30, in 1995, she was called as a ‘healer becoming’.
It has been a hell of a ride since then!
From then until now, she has experienced a lot of Breaking, a lot of Illness and a Lot of her own old stuff coming up to heal.

But, she is now very well-equipped to support you on Your healing journey
– helping you make your spiritual adventure easier and more graceful than hers has been!
She is passionate about assisting you to heal, learn, grow, deepen along your Unique Path…

More importantly, Wendy is continually investing in her OWN spiritual work.
She continues to be dedicated her own spiritual path, deep healing and personal growth;  as she has been since her mid-teens.
As she moves along her own path, the more she has to offer to you – in insights, techniques and in higher vibration.

She is committed to continuing along her own path and works well with folks who are, as well!
It is a joyful, sometimes ecstatic journey.
And, sometimes, it can be challenging and confronting…
but she doesn’t ask you to do anything that she is not already doing herself.
She designed her Personal Training Program to offer an accessible format, the just-in-time learning and support, growth and healing that you need; As she has received – and continues to receive – from many different channels, in her own BLOOMing Process.
And she offers a Structured Group Training Program, for step-by step learning & development as a Soul Reader, Healer, Creative, Teacher, Leader…

6) The fundamental foundations
of Wendy’s spiritual practice are
amusement (playful & light) and
neutrality (non-judgement, rising above the pulls of emotions & thoughts/judgment),
and she shares how to easily do this.

These practices not only make the work into play,
they make the work Possible!

7) Wendy loves God (although, what that Means, keeps iterating ; )
You prolly already read above:
Wendy R. Wolf has been consciously, dedicatedly dancing & wrestling with the Divine, passionately since 1982.
She says: “It is such a rich, exciting way to live!”
She really is Crazy about God.
Wild about the Holy One ; )
She had her first major Vision, and began her journey of unraveling from religion in 1977, around when she turned 12.
See this long blog post about how her Spiritual Journey intersected with her Opening to Soul/ Psychic Senses & Abilities.

Meanwhile, Wendy fully honors each individual’s experience of the Divine: the God of your Heart.
One way to say her perspective is: there are many more ‘faces’ of the Divine, than there are people who have ever lived.
We all have our own unique expereince of ALL That IS.
And if we are fortunate, our UNIQUE dance with The Holy is in constant flux.

At the same time, Wendy doesn’t much care what folks THINK.
Our beliefs – Academic, Religious, Social, Economic, Relational…
Can help guide us and Can limit us.
Life is an experiment, we find out what works and does not work for each of us, by living into the results of our choices.

In this internal practice, we take intellectual beliefs lightly.
It doesn’t matter if you think there is a God or not.
It doesn’t matter if your theories about WHY the Tools work are the same or very different from Wendy’s…
What matters is: what we PRACTICE.

You can believe whatever you want to, intellectually.
Although sometimes that limits us, so its useful to stay conscious about it!

Wendy often asks her students to please not believe a word that she says
– just PRACTICE the Techniques for yourself,
– find your own experience,
– deepen into who You are, live your own story!

Wendy takes this coaching herself – she is an Intellectual Agnostic.
What Matters is: What is the Direct Experience?

Not the Religious or Spiritual POV. Not the Books. Not the popular Theory of the day. Not other people’s (or our own) Opinions.
What Matters is: What is the Direct Experience?

  Wendy works herself out of a job.
She believe the most important things to Practice & Receive as a Blessing – to Grow up INTO – are these 7 Keys of BEing.
As we Are this and grow these muscles, we can comfortably, safely, easily Dance directly with Spirit, without outside, human assistance.

Wendy has found, we naturally become the “Captain of our own ship/ Life”, as we Master the 7 Keys.
From this place, we can choose to consciously, inter-actively Align with our Source, Path, True Self and SHINE.
From here, we become Soul Leaders – which may or may not look like that on the outside, but that doesn’t matter.

12) Wendy is Queer, in several different ways.
This has informed her experience of life – in deep, delirious as well as devastating ways – and what she brings to her life and work.
Each of us is Unique in BEing, DOing, and the IMPACT we bring – and this is a BLESSING for ALL – Howlelujah!

She still love this old song: Abundantly – although not so much the Theology – it says:
“Creation through variety, Displays God’s plan for unity”

Wendy’s Commitments as A Healer and Facilitator

Wendy’s focus as a
  • Deep Healing Facilitator,
  • Meditation Coach, 
  • Soul Counselor, 
  • Spiritual Director, 
  • Soul-abilities Coach / Psychic Trainer,
  • Healthy Healer’s & Empowered Empath’s Equip-er,
  • Soul Leader’s Supporter…

is not about HER own unique journey, training, abilities, or insights.  
It is about
honoring YOUR unique journey, abilities, perspective and insights.


She has a passion to facilitate each individual’s soul abilities, rather than showcase her own.
Wendy’s ministry is about facilitating YOU to get in touch with your OWN unique perspective.
And to take the wheel of your own life, to drive where you really want to go!

Wendy supports you to tap into your own capacity to:

  • allow transformation for yourself; and
  • act as a facilitator of beneficial change in your world.

The information, support and techniques she offers, equip each individual to:

  • know yourself,
  • enjoy your body,
  • connect with Spirit,
  • work & play effectively with others,
  • and co-create a wonderful life that serves you & the world around you.

Want to Help & Heal Others, but tripping yourself?
Learn from Wendy’s Mistakes!

Wendy was called as a healer-becoming, when she turned 30, and quickly became a much-appreciated healer as a Massage Therapist.
BUT, she also started ‘taking-on’ other’s pain and brokenness – even more than she had before!
She did not have healthy energetic boundaries.
She did not understand the deep importance of letting others be responsible for the trajectory and outcomes of their own life…
But, she did learned the consequences of these missteps Very Well.
She experienced the emotions, energy, illnesses, and brokenness of others, within her own system – experiencing almost every malady of her healees. and more…
Wendy quickly went way beyond burn-out to succumb to a syndrome of chronic illness, stuck in pain & fatigue for over a decade, and bed-ridden for years!
It wasn’t JUST taking on other’s energy that brought her down.
It was the unprocessed trauma and abuse from her earlier life, as well as the deep pain, fear and invalidation… that were hidden within, like a time-bomb released when she said YES to a whole new level of operating as a healer in the world.
The usually unappreciated news of being a Healer:

the First, Last, and Middle step is ALWAYS self-healing.
The GREAT News is:

As we heal and transform ourselves, we heal and transform our world.

It is Amazing how much change happens around us, just as we BE more and more ours true selves, and DO more and more our true path!

At 40, with increasing well-being, having learned to powerfully heal and create in her life, as well as safely assist and inspire others to do the same; she began investing in her life’s work in a whole new & powerful way:  serving soul evolution.

See here for more if you please: