• Do you find when you try to meditate, it’s difficult to let go of distractions and just BE?
  • Do you find that when you are ‘Just Being’, bothersome issues surface? (thoughts, feelings, pain, fear, past, future, things done and left undone)
  • Are you not experiencing Light, Love, Truth, your Way?

In times like these, I have been stalled before,
and I still get stopped sometimes… but WAY less than I used to!
I have found a meditation practice that works, it helps me:

  • feel safe enough to STOP running,
  • get QUIET deep inside,
  • OPEN to receive in the soul;
    in ways that are powerful, palpable, and nurturing.

We utilize practices which serve us in Quiet,
but also draw upon them in everyday life.

So, whether or not we make time to sit,
We still enjoy spiritual REST & Rejuvenation while on the GO in LIFE.

Active Meditation is a unique practice:
physically comfortable (no pretzel body)
and powerful deep in our Soul (Be Still and Know).

Thousands have changed their lives
as they become Present, Quiet, and more Connected in Soul.

Many find this practice invites
revolutionary changes in consciousness and behavior:

We allow safety and comfort,
by opening to Soul Blessings and Communication
– in all directions, heaven & earth, others & ourselves.

Realizing our unique answers, Soul path, Dance with Spirit…
we get direction more from within, and less from the world.

We allow Spirit to fortify us, body & soul.
We function in a new way in our own internal experience, personal relations, and societal roles.

Transformed from within,
we become a Healing Presence for all we meet.

If you are interesting in exploring this meditation path,
please contact us to get started!

SoulTech Meditation is not Passive