February 2023 LOVE Focus: ‘BEing the LOVE you Want’ ACTIVE Meditation: SOUL PLAY for Mystics & Creatives

Resonate with the possibilities we’re addressing?
Let’s Deepen in this Conversation, together!
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HUNGRY for Acceptance, Belonging, Intimacy?
THIRSTY to Rest More Deeply IN, be Renewed BY True LOVE?
Choose MORE?!

I have found:
Pleasing More, TRYing Harder doesn’t do it!
A new Lover isn’t the Answer! 

Rather, I am served by practices like these:

  • Being Validated from withIN & Living OUT Sacred Truth
  • Savoring Authentic & Connected Communication, from the Soul
  • Finding Safe & Natural Boundaries, in the midst of Oneness: I / Thou


READY to stop relying on Others, on what happens OUT There?
Take your Next small step into Sacred LOVE
Enjoy a Giant Leap in your Sense of Connection.

WILLING to Wade into the River of Eternal LOVE?
Drink, Cleans, Fill, be Full… BE Soul FULL:
Live & Love From Enough, Overflow.

ABLE to Risk Beginning to Bring OUT the Gift IN YOU?
Safely Confidently Connect with yourself & others…
from the Inside-OUT

– what it looks like on the OUTside;
– what THEY Do or Don’t Do,

Stop chasing around Out There for our Birthright!

Let’s LEARN & PRACTICE from the Inside, OUT:

  • Belonging (wherever we are)
  • Intimacy (deep Connection that is Real for our body)
  • Oneness (the Holy Truth experienced in our heart)
  • Validation / Acceptance (IN Beloved TRUTH – Truly Seeing & Being Seen, Knowing & being Known)
  • Boundaries (coming naturally IN the Power of LIFE & Free Will)
  • Comfortable healthy physical & spiritual Communication


Come for a TASTE!

February FOCUS:
‘BEing the LOVE you Want’ 
ACTIVE Meditation:
SOUL PLAY for Mystics & Creatives

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Want to Live IN LOVE, Experience BEing LOVE?


Dancing with the Divine IN LOVE – SUNDAY, Feb 12, 1pm (Eastern)
Spiritual Communion ZOOM

Your Graceful Soul IN LOVE – WEDNESDAY,  Feb 15, 6:30pm (Eastern)
Personal Harmony ZOOM

Soul Leadership IN LOVE – SATURDAY, Feb 25, Noon (Eastern)
Vocational Vision ZOOM

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Resonate with the possibilities we’re addressing?
Let’s Deepen in this Conversation, together!
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