Your Human Advantage

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Everything in business starts and ends with humans
why not look here for your next leap forward?

The Human Advantage is
the Greatest Unfair Advantage you can ever find

Gain more Traction in your Professional Goals
–Start with Mastering your own Humanity and Relationships
– And build from there, helping your teams leverage their Human Advantage

From the first moon landing, to growing a twitter following, to Designing Social Media algorithms

It is our assumptions, our tenacity, our connections – that matter most

The systems and Technology are valuable,
but the Amazing individuals – heart and soul – are priceless.

The human element is KEY in business
– key to success (teams, leadership, personal initiative and creativity) and
– key to failure (stuck, stopped, relational issues, communication struggles, inner-conflict and friction)

On the other hand,
Friction is everywhere
in our human interactions:

Internal (personal issues, limits & lies, emotional overload, mental challenges…)
External (inter-personal, system resistance, mismatch in beliefs, ethics, culture, expectations, assumptions…)

You and your people are giving the best of your lives to your business,
are you willing to make your work investment meaningful?

The worker saying
about your company,
not THEY.

How can you promote buy-in?
How do you stop discouraging it?
Where are you hurting those who are potentially your biggest fans.

more Kalil Gibran, On Work

“Work is Love made visible”
– when we leverage this, everything shifts. Inspiration, Ownership, Motivation, Creativity, Commitment, Results – SOAR.
You can’t pay for this, but you can only encourage and align with it

When your People, Systems, and Goals are Aligned on Purpose.
When we are filled-up within, the needs of our soul are met and overflowing,
– Instead of being pushed and pulled by our needs and desires – and those of others!

– We can also draw to us the experience of belonging and efficacy – being accepted, connected, enough – that many are still hungry-for – and therefore Driven-by. (More on this in BEing the Love you Want).
– We are well, all is well – and we can play our own Game. (more about BEIng Captain here)
– We can understand and encourage the unique contributions of our team and empower them to serve the team from there – Unveiling the Unique Gift of each: Bringing OUT the Leader IN You, in each (more about Soul Leadership)

Everything is Relationship.

We want to pretend it’s not –

we want technology, processes, grit to save us

these are all amazing and useful

But if the people don’t work, it all goes south.

Relationships are KEY

All our interactions, everything we want to accomplish, every goal we need to meet

– is a dance with other people, processes, and technology.

Our relationship with All Our Relations, helps us enjoy success, and enjoy the journey and the rewards.

These relationships are within ourselves, with those we work and play with, with all sentient beings, with our physical world, and with Life itself.

When we master these communications, when we become graceful in these interactions, when we learn to savor these connections – then we come into harmony, rhythm, alignment

– our life and our work begin to FLOW.

– Our work becomes a gift.

– We Get to contribute, instead of Having to go the work.

– We get to enjoy moving forward, instead of striving to keep our heads above the water.

– We get our needs and our goals met, without suffering or bullying.

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