Live Your Life on a foundation in which YOU can realize: 

  • a more conscious connection with your Source
  • a deeper understanding of your spiritual experience & your life, 
  • a bolder adventure onYour Unique Path, with joy and ease.

Spiritual Direction is not dictation; it is encouragement and support.

Our work is to help you find YOUR spiritual truth, for yourself.

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Spiritual Direction, from other viewpoints

We do it a bit differently: Spiritual Direction on the foundation of Active Meditation.

Only YOU can do your spiritual work,
but you don’t have to do it ALONE!  

You can enjoy a helping hand, someone who walks the path beside you. 

If you are committed to moving forward
in your life, in your world, in your soul adventure…
spiritual direction can help you Step Up.

BLOG: Receive Inspiration, Tools & Support
for your spiritual deepening:  walk your unique path in Joy. 


Get a feel for Spiritual Direction: Testimonials

I was moving/changing so quickly. I am so grateful for you and your guidance along the way.

– Derek R, Seattle

Thanks for an amazing session yesterday!!!
So glad you are here to dance with me on our journey!  …
I feel I’m getting closer, and that the overall game is embracing my true nature, letting go of control and returning to play and joy, and just being me. 
It’s amazing how real those masks can feel, but I think I’m finally remembering how to bring forth my true self.  So who knows what I’ll be bringing next time!!  
Thank you do much for your love, guidance, support, and insight!

 – Jillian Harrington, Seattle

My meditations have been prayer in a different form.  By closing my eyes and placing myself into a truly un-distracted  state, I am able to have a deeper connection with God, where I reflect and seek clarity on different aspects of my life.  

 – Katie McCoy, NJ Shore