Engage: Come Play – what’s happening Now?.

I know the world seems SO Crazy,
and some of our lives follow suit.
It is so tempting to judge others & resist how things are,
in our attempt to help others & fix our world.
But, ultimately, I see this as rearranging deck-chairs on the Titanic.

The only real answers I have are spiritual ones.
From deep within our souls,
I believe we have what it takes to turn this boat
-> ‘Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit’

The spiritual reality is
each of us IS Light in this World.
– All Creation IS Shining Light, Life, Love, Truth, Beauty, Glory…
Our challenge
is to REALize this heavenly reality,
on earth:
– in our Everyday Consciousness – real in our own soul; and
– in our Everyday Life – real, manifest in our dance with Heaven & Earth, ALL Our Relations.
As we shift our SOUL experience,
integrating Spiritual Experience, Perspective, Identity…
We Shift, and so does our body, relationships, life, world:
  • Soul Aligning- with and Communing in our Source;
  • Soul Beholding & Reflecting Glory, in-side and out;
  • Soul Maturing: Dancing with Beauty, in our unique BEing, DOing, IMPACT…

  •  is much more than a chance
    for each of us to deepen more into the Divine,
    and share our wisdom & encouragement with each other
    – although that is More than Enough!
  • is about investing-in a Soul Movement
    that Serves ALL our Relations
    , shifting our world.

ALL of us:

  • religious, secular;  spiritual, materialist;  believers, non-believers;  faithful, faithless;  scientists, clergy;  academic, street-smart
  • conservative, liberal;  warrior, pacifist;  hunter, vegan;  wealthy, in-need;  white, of color;  straight/cis, queer;  female, male;  parents, children;  broken, well;  rooted, sojourner
  • those of us who actively desire and invest towards Love, Joy, Peace…
    and those of us who can’t dare hope or act in this direction… yet
  • those of us who feel like we ‘fit’ in this world,
    and those of us who don’t….

ALL of us:
more blessed each day.
As each of us:
– who choose
– in our own unique way
Stepping into our Unique Mystic Journey
– the Transformation/ Blooming/ Maturity-Teleios
– that naturally comes with Direct Spiritual Experience
– the Love, Life, Truth, Way, Glory, Beauty… Presence of Spirit:  Alive & Active NOW!

Yes, this is a Big vision.

At first, the only changes may be in our own souls.
But then step-by-step, we are making this real on earth
– in our lives, families, communities, countries, world…
I don’t know how, exactly!  We make the Path by Walking it.

Maybe all we can do is step in this direction,
maybe others will too…
and trust the Holy Breath, the Sacred Wind to blow the Pollen.

I do believe that what one person does, Matters.
And when we gather with attention and intention;
– actively learn to hear/see/BE & say/DO our unique Soul Path, step-by-step…
what IS in Heaven, is Manifested on Earth.

  • As we Deepen in Soul, ourselves,
    we naturally invite other Souls to DEEPEN, as well.
  • As our everyday practice and way-of-being is to
    Consciously Dance with the Divine
    – whoever we are, wherever we go –
    we organically make it more & more NORMAL to live this way.
  • As we become more soul-focused
    and act from our own spiritual information,
    our own unique Dance with Heaven & Earth…
    naturally others notice the fruit,
    are encouraged & inspired to PRACTICE soul centering, themselves.
  • As we change,
    our CULTURE changes.
    Folks who were too afraid to live from their Soul, or were not tuned-in…
    gain courage, start to tune-in.

As always
we begin and end right here, now, with ourselves.
So, lets continue.

Blessings on your Unique Journey!

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