‘Dare to BE Love’ Circle – About

Ready to go deeper into LOVE?

‘Dare to BE Love’ Soul Circle

Starting mid-April 2021 – dates TBD
‘Dare to BE Love’ Soul Circle

Ready to go Deeper into LOVE & Relationships
Join our Deep-dive, life-shifting, everyday mystic playground for:

Soul Foundations, Tools & Practices
just-in-time Learning & leverage you need for you to turn…

Soul Deepening & Development
modeling, inspiration, support … in an intimate group,
for your Healing: Overcoming, Growing, Blossoming…



‘BEing the Change’ Soul Fundamentals Series
Archimedes said:
“Give me a solid place to stand,
and a lever long enough,
and I will move the world.”
Learn to BE & DO this, in your own Soul.

Tools & a Solid Place to Stand, to Shift your World, from the Inside-Out.   
Safely, incrementally build Inner Resources, Intentional Inside Design; 
more consciously perceive, shift and create, below everyday consciousness,
with ACTIVE Meditation 

About this:

  • Many promise moon and stars, but this Journey is designed to equip and support you to
    Actually TURN the Titanic, not rearrange deck-chairs:
  • What matters is for each to Continue to Soul OWN and DO within ourselves:
    enjoy & be transformed by direct experience of spiritual reality: LOVE
    and transform in soul, bringing LOVE into your world, creating a life you love.
  • At first you will enjoy a taste of this, you will realize these results – over time – as you deepen in this journey.


The doorways to engage my work have been:

Personal Sessions, a combo of:
Soul Counseling
Spiritual Direction
Meditation Coaching
Deep healing

Group Learning:
* Foundations
– Perspectives & Soul Tools
– safe, empowered Healing & Transformation Practices – for self & others
* Development of Soul Senses and Abilities

I later developed:
Group Healing & Development Circles:
for those with Soul tools and abilities, to go deeper, together

ALL of this together!

‘Dare to BE Love’ Soul Circle
Deep dive, life-shifting, everyday mystic playground for
just-in-time Learning, Healing, Growing, Blossoming… in an intimate group.


‘BEing the Change’ Soul Fundamentals Series
Tools & a Solid Place to Stand, to Shift your World, from the Inside-Out.
Safely, incrementally build Inner Resources, Intentional Inside Design;
more consciously perceive, shift and create, below everyday consciousness.

50 tools and perspectives (we have done a handful in the LOVE Intensive)
HOW do we go deep within our Soul,
– below everyday consciousness, and
– perceive, choose, shift
– Bring fruit from our soul, into our body & life, into our world.

‘Dare to LOVE’ Circle

– Group that isn’t a mish-mash,
– rather a healing for us to play-together

6 months – April – September
90 minute Circle/ week – will skip 2 weeks – so 4x/month

extras, as you choose:
15 minutes extra available before & after each circle for you to ask questions, invite healing, receive personal support from myself &/or my team.
weekly check-ins with peers – have a cuppa with another Circle member, share, support, go deeper.
– if you have Deep Healing, Growth, Blossoming Projects, and need more support, meet with me or my team for 1/2 the usual rate.

$480/ month
Beta for this program, offered this month for:
$360/ month
if you pay in full – only:
$300/month – $1,800
Offering 2 scholarships for:
$240/ month
(US currency)

If you want to enjoy this opportunity,
please email with your interest AND
Please complete this survey
– with your name & days/times that you can come Play (preferable AND possible)

I look forward to playing together Soon!
: ) W