Becoming more (selectively) available for connection
that is tenderly realized in your Body Experience

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Saturday, February 22nd
Workshop 6:15- 8:15pm; Online: 6 – 8:30 pm EST.
(see bottom of info page for ’round the world time translations)
Online/Phone – Links will be sent to you when you Register.

This workshop is Open to All

Yearning for Connection? Relationship? BE the Love you Want

We will open our Hearts, to enjoy Connection, with all our Relations.

Meanwhile, the Focus of This workshop
is for your Experience of Oneness
to be Realized in your Body: gushy, yummy!
Opening to Intimacy, palpable connection in all your Relationships,
of course, as you choose.

And this takes some consciousness, attention, choice…
Getting down into: Love, Sex & Intimacy
– Distinguishing how these are different, and where they overlap,
for you.
– Attending to your needs in all three of these areas,
regardless of your relationship status.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a whole New Way:

BEing the Love you Want Workshop Weeks!
Have fun learning new ways to
Invite Love, Connection, Intimacy, Belonging…
Into your life – from the Inside-Out, with Active Meditation.

Valentine’s Week 2020: 7 days, 7 ways, to participate!
Offerings in Raleigh, Cary, Charlotte, and Online/Phone.
Choose one that resonates with you, and come play!

Invitation ~~~ Schedule ~~~ Registration
Questions? Contact Wendy

This is our only online weekend workshop = please come!

Welcome to the BEing the Love You Want! Workshop Weeks
This is one of 7 Workshops available for you.
PLUS: Participate in ONE, receive SEVEN (see Bonus info)


For your convenience, here are ’round the world time translations:
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6 pm EST in Raleigh is:
Seattle Sat 3:00 pm
NYC Sat 6:00 pm
London Sat 11:00 pm
Cape Town Sun 1:00 am *
Perth Sun 7:00 am *
Sydney Sun 10:00 am *

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