My vision is to build (parent, source)
Way more than a Mystic Development/ Psychic School

Seeing and Hearing, etc is Really Great
but IMOe it isn’t enough – for me –
it is just the beginning of what is Possible.

I want to offer a full spectrum of Soul Opportunities

  • A place of Soul rEvolution. Ourselves and our world becoming New.

  • A place of Deep Healing.  Delving into the core issues, the shadow, the stuff that causes us to be stuck, unwell, addicted, etc.

  • A place to get what we need to overcome, grow and blossom.  Step onto our stage, say our truth, sing our song, shine our Light – authentically, gracefully.

  • A place to be equipped in all aspects of our human experience: body, mind, emotions, sexuality, psychology, work, play: owning our full soul journey.

  • A place to deepen, transform with All our Relations – including our bodies, ourselves, Spirit, earth, family, intimates, enemies, etc.

  • A place for Teleios: to become ourselves, and to be inspired, equipped and supported to do our thing, our genius and make our Impact.

  • A place where can learn and be mentored & unsupported to bring all this and more, to our world/ clients.

(I know, I am saying the same thing over and over, I am Circumambulating 🙂

SO, a flow like this

  • Workshops to serve each invested and be able to all play together; AND draw new folks


  • basic tools, as well as basic healing/transforming practices, energy & wisdom (iteration of Tools 101 & 102, and Healing Hands 1 & 2)

Core class:

  • Clairvoyance Program – HOW to see what is, share that, BE & DO in alignment with this (iteration of CAP, but with so much More)

then building from there, Advanced Offerings:

  • Advanced Healer and Soul Creator Program  – HOW to BE the Change, shift what is – including how to do: Soul Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Deep Healing, Meditation Coaching… (an iteration of AHP)

  • ALL my Relations Program  – HOW to deepen body communication & relationship, and earth relationship, including male and female energy training and healing, AND Kundalini AND Shadow work AND Medical Intuitive (I’ve done some of this stuff in pieces, all over)

  • Teaching & Leadership Program – HOW to BE and share Soul Foundations and more, with your world, with ease & grace (an iteration of Teaching program, currently offering)

  • IMPACT Program – HOW to bring this into the world. – Executive, Entrepreneurial Development & other ministry, biz and logistical support (currently offering)

    My picture is online work,
    – in a trimester configuration, with some breaks to integrate and self-care
    – with a deepening in-person retreat once per trimester, somewhere in momma nature – where magic, connection, delicious energy, opening to new, deepening each of our realtionships – are more easily available;
    and we can learn and practice in ways that are more real-for us, and honor our bodies & the full reality of our experience.