Playing Your Own Game . . . . . . BE Captain of your Life

As the winds blow, and the waves roll…

  • Are you forgetting to Rest, SIT at the Helm of your Life –
    Off-kilter?  Stuck?  Living-in fear, pain, shame, effort?
  • Is it hard to WALK your Own Way –
    Be who You Are?  Keep Your Unique Course?
  • Are you challenged to STAND –
    In the face of all the Resistance, Disturbance, Challenge?

You are Captain: take the Helm!

Are you:

  • Ready to take-back your agency, your power, your will, your voice, your heart, your soul, your life, YOUR CALLING?
  • Willing to learn and practice new ways of BEing, that help you DO WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO?
  • Motivated to mature:  equipped & fully Able to do what it takes to fully STEP INTO BEING THE LEADER THAT YOU ARE.
    To BE the Change that you want to see …
    in your life,  your relationships, your career, your world?

Learn HOW!
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My name is Wendy R Wolf.
After much search and struggle, I found and honed:

Practical Inner Tools and a
Powerful Place to Stand;

That Support us to Shift
our Internal Experience,
and from there, our External Life & our World.

Since 2002, I have been:

  • Completely shifting my life, from the Inside-Out.
  • Mastering this practice of living life more comfortably:
    from  the Captain’s Seat.
  • Honing my ability to share this practice with you:

Since 2005, I have been

Supporting & Equipping thousands of people to Shift
their lives, their relationships, their careers, their world…
Utilizing an inner technology that:

Leverages our internal system,
to FOCUS our attention and
apply our INTENTION, to be:

  • comfortably present,
  • safely empowered,
  • inviting shifts that we consciously choose
    … with less effort and striving.

Do you want to
Play your Own Game, enjoying Your Amazing, Adventurous Life.
Learn HOW!
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Best to you on your unique Journey!
SoulTech: Levers for your Soul, Tools for your Life


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I usually work with folks via phone, or internet.

(But, if we are in Sydney, AU;  Seattle or the New Jersey Shore in USA at the same time – I am happy to meet in person ; )

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I look forward to Adventuring together.
in life! Wendy
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You are Captain: take the Helm!

“One way or another we all at some point
get hit in the face by a blast of wind,
open our eyes, and see that we are
not only on the bow of a colossal sailboat on an open sea,
but that we’re the captain of the damned thing.

Once you glimpse this fact of life,
you have some choices.

You can squeeze your eyes shut
and make believe you don’t have to take the wheel,
you can run around flapping your arms and yelling
“Somebody take the wheel, somebody take the wheel,”
or you can take the wheel and learn to handle it.”

― Rick Carson

You are Captain: take the Helm!

Learn HOW!
Get started with a FREE SoulTech Workshop – Online or In-person.

in life!

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