BE... your True Self
SHINE... your Beautiful Light
DANCE... your Unique Journey
LIVE... your Direct Body & Spirit Truth
CELEBRATE... your Oneness with your Source

ReNew You! 


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Support for your Inner Life... and the Rest of your Life:   
Practical Training for Soul Evolution

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It is fun!  I have learned how to ground, run energy and work with my own energy. Wendy has guided me through exercises that have helped me: accept myself, release negative energy, and interact positively with others.
The most important thing I have learned about this training is that I am on a spiritual path.  The spiritual tools I have picked up have helped me developed a keen insight of that path, that journey. Going forward, it is I who is able to comfortably live in control of my choice of emotion and choice of will.
But it is fun.  I have been enjoying these learning experiences, growth cycles, with someone who I trust and can laugh with.  With someone who is experienced and warm hearted enough for me to let my guard down.  I feel free enough to allow the changes of spiritual growth to happen, to work for a positive change in my life.  And my life has changed and I thankful to Wendy for her guidance.
- Tim Coons, Seattle

Soul Evolution

Most of us want to heal, grow & flourish
AND...  Actually Changing can be challenging for us!

Grasping that we are in the process of Spiritual EVOLUTION,

as a soul learning, playing & growing in this world,
can motivate us to
  • MOVE Forward, and dance with our current challenges;
  • let go of our past, and the habits of mind and emotion that hold us back;
  • and create a bright future, with courage and persistence.

I have found Tools & Techniques that are tremendously useful in this Process of:
  • Being who we ARE
  • Attaining the potential that lies within us
  • And enjoying our life & our play with All Our Relations

What other kinds of Soul Fruit can you look forward to in this process?

      Want to try it? OK! 
           Ready? Set? Go:

Soul Training

I provide Training & Support, Tools & Techniques, utilizing these pathways:
  • You too can become a Soul Evolution Facilitator!  Of course, the first step is to master these Soul Practices for yourself.

I love this exciting work, I bet you will too!
Find out more OR Contact me to get started

Best to you on your unique journey!  Wendy
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