Take Dominion

Do you wonder:

Am I losing my spiritual war with the ‘Dark Side’?

  • Are you distracted or dominated-by dark, heavy
    thoughts, feelings, compulsions, addictions?
  • Are you feeling constantly assaulted
    in your health, relationships, career, finances… Life?
  • Are you stumbling every time you try to change
    your life, your habits, your associations?
  • Do you experience attack from the ‘dark-side’:
    By temptations? By the Adversary?
  • Do you believe you, or your surroundings, are embedded with Darkness:
    ‘possessed’, ‘haunted’, ‘broken’, ‘evil’, need ‘exorcism’?
  • Do you want to break generational agreements, momentum of suffering;
    overcome personal ‘hex’, ‘curse’, ‘spell’, ‘jinx, ‘bonds’, ‘evil eye’?

If you relate to any of this, I hope you get in touch with me.

My name is Rev Wendy Wolf, I have been walking with the Lord actively and consciously since 1982.

When the Darkness seems to be winning in your life, I offer Deep Healing and Deliverance,
that makes an ACTUAL difference for you in your relationship with God, with yourself, and with others.
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Since 2003, I have been consistently and actively engaged in direct, effective spiritual warfare. (Before that, I was rolled-over by it!)

This might sound difficult or terrible, but it is not!  It is a Blessing.
Engaging our spiritual life full-on is Exciting, Fruitful… Life, Abundantly!

I can show you how.

I have been moving-out Darkness, thriving in the Light:
New Self, More Life!
for myself, and for thousands of others I have assisted, since 2005.

See link for a few insights from my expereince,
perhaps something useful for you.
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– Are you looking to overcome, to expereince deliverance,
to BE FREE to live in the LIGHT?
– Do you want to, need to, open to God’s Light;
but lack powerful, capable, knowledgeable information & support?

For most of us, it is easier with a friend beside us,
to assist in our process of Letting-Go of the Darkness,
as well as allowing ourselves to BE FULL of LIGHT. 

Through a safe and loving, Jesus-inspired and -supported ministry
we will go before God to be cleansed, blessed, and equipped:
Healing your life, your home, and your livelihood.

And most importantly your unique journey, on this sweet earth, with God.
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Light in the Darkness Spiritual Deliverance Ministry
is built on the foundation of Meditation with Jesus.

in Life,

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Light in the Darkness
Soul Counseling
Spiritual Direction
Meditation with Jesus

The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  When he found one of great value,
he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.  (Matthew 13)

What folks are saying about their results:

I felt comfortable and safe with you.  You saw issues that I have been struggling with and assisted me. 
I appreciated the simple tools you gave me so I can continue healing.
I have seen dramatic effects in my  life. 
Thanks a million, I hope to see you again in a few months. 
      – Sara, Seattle  

Wow Wendy did we open a nice can of worms yesterday!! 
Thank you so much for playing with us!!! 
You are the queen of helping people get safely to the things that they don’t want to look at : )
Our work continued into last night and this morning. 
Hallelujah!  Thank you again Wendy… sooooo much love!
      – JW, Seattle

Wendy, Thank you for facilitating the meditation last night. I counted at least 23 people!
You have an amazing ability to accept these others where they are on their path.
I enjoyed your laughter. It was so light and bubbly. You are truly talented.
      – JD, Seattle

Hi Wendy, I wanted to thank you for the meditation exercises we did yesterday in Princeton…  This was only the 2nd group meditation that I participated in and the meditation techniques you taught worked for me!  When you come back to New Jersey, i would like to take your classes, on healing or meditation, because I want tools to use that work for me.
I loved your sense of humor and laughter.  Its such a blessing to be able to teach these gifts and for those who receive them as well.
Since 6/08, i have been on my journey of self discovery, I came from a verbal / emotional abusive childhood. That unknowingly, was affecting my working world.  I did psychodynamic therapy to understand the why and letting out all the ‘repressed feelings’.  I needed to know how to combat the negative thoughts that arise when I am stressed.  I believe the method you taught yesterday is my answer. I would like to learn much more!
Thank you for sharing your info. 
      – DJ, Central NJ

If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink.
He that believeth on me…
from within him shall flow rivers of living water. (John 7)

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