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Are you Crazy About God?
Are you a Mystic?
Do you want to be?

Come join our Everyday Modern Mystic Community!
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What do YOU mean by ‘God’?

God can be an uncomfortable word, topic for some of us.
It seems like a simple English word, but for many of us, it packs some serious energy!
Do you mean all, some, none of these?
What words do you prefer when speaking of θ ?

  • the ONE, Divine, Source, Supreme BeingLight, Love, Truth, Life, Way;
  • your unique relationship – with the God/ Goddess of your heart;
  • your spiritual perception and relationship-with your Beloved, Presence, Lord, Holy One, Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, Creator, Allah, HaShem, All-That-IS
    What does ‘Crazy about God’ look-like, feel-like, to YOU?
    Can you relate to all, some, none of these experiences?
    How would you express your relationship with θ ?
  • Desire, craving, yearning-for, fulfillment with God.
  • Not just…
    – spiritual practice, religion, fitting-into our religious culture;
    – ethics, acting/ being good;
    – getting into heaven, paradise, nirvana; becoming enlightened;
    – being successful/ blessed – getting the ‘goods’: health, wealth, career, relationships…
  • Do you want God More/ Less than these wonderful things? 
If YOU were designing a Mystic Community, what would you create?
What would serve you? Bring you Joy?
Would you like to?
– gather, support, learn-from, inspire,
– give and receive through modeling and mentoring.

– connect with everyday folks, from all walks of life, all over the world, who desire, crave, choose:

  • a deeper spiritual life,
  • a more real soul-level connection with the Beloved,
  • a more realized (real in the world) Dance with the Divine,
  • a more integral experience of spiritual reality in everyday life…

Are you Living the Mystery?  Are you open to Mystery?

  • interested-in, honoring, profiting-from others’ journey in God;
  • even when their understanding is different from yours…
Is there already a lot of stuff for Mystics?  Do we need more?
What kind of Community have you found, as a Mystic?
Are you satisfied? Are your needs met?
I have found some place can be:
  • distractions from spiritual experience… a focus on:  intellectual, academic, scholarly, doctrinal, judgment, religion, empty-ritual…
  • learning about the life and wisdom of Great Mystics, or great mystic theories…
    instead of actual spiritual experience
    I would like to say hello to some of these things, above,
    but I would like to focus on:
  • actually being a mystic, ourselves.
  • practicing being with God, enjoying the fruit of opening, maturing spiritually… ourselves.
  • sharing and supporting each other through the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful; the pitfalls and mountaintops in the process.
  • learning and applying levers & distinctions, practices, supports, ways of being and focusing our attention and intention, that serve us on our journey.
    (and noticing what doesn’t serve us)

Are you Crazy About God?
Are you a Mystic?
Do you want to be?

Do you want to delve-into the questions above, and much more,
with others who are like, and unlike you?

Come join our Everyday Modern Mystic Movement!

Join-in when you can, as little or as much as you choose, with:
Social as well as Learning opportunities, Online and In-Person.
Interviews with Everyday Modern Mystics, who are consciously and actively engaging with God, and their spiritual journey.
Private Facebook Group – with interactions available at your convenience.

And please invite your friends, who might be interested
(regardless of their spiritual/ faith-tradition – or lack-thereof ; )

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This is my vision for how our Mystic Journey can help shift our world
– I’d love to hear your vision
– and co-create our beautiful world, together…

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Blessings on your Unique Journey!

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