Everyday Modern Mystic Movement Manifesto


I know the world seems so Crazy, and some of our lives follow suit.
It is so tempting to judge & resist others, trying to help & fix the world,
But, ultimately, I see this as rearranging chairs on the Titanic.

The only real answers I have are spiritual ones.
From deep within our souls, I believe we can turn the boat:

This is my stand:
that each soul aligns with the God of their heart, with Light;
each comes into our own spiritual maturity;
each uniquely beholding and reflecting Glory, Light in this world.
This few sentences above, are the best short way I can say my vision,
and what I am blessed/called to work toward,
in prayer/co-creation within myself, and in my ministry, in the world.
With that said, this Call to Gather Everyday Mystics:
  •  is much more than a chance for each of us to deepen more into God, and share our wisdom & encouragement with each other – although that is More than Enough!
  • is about investing-in a Soul Movement that will shift our world.

ALL of us:

  • religious, secular;  spiritual, materialist;  believers, non-believers;  faithful, faithless;  scientists, clergy;  academic, street-smart;
  • conservative, liberal;  warrior, pacifist;  hunter, vegan;  wealthy, in-need;  white, of color;  straight/cis, queer;  female, male;  parents, children;  broken, well;  rooted, sojourner;
  • those of us who feel like we fit in this world and those of us who don’t…
  • those of us who actively desire and work towards Love, Joy, Peace… and those of us who can’t dare hope or act in this direction… yet.

ALL of us:
more blessed each day.
As each of us
– who chooses to
– each in our own unique way
steps into the Healing and Transformation
that comes with directly experiencing
the Love & Presence of the Living God:  NOW!

Yes, this is a Big vision.
At, first I figure, the only changes will be in our own souls.
But then step-by-step, we are making this real on earth – in our lives, our families, our communities, our countries, our world…
I don’t know how, exactly!
Maybe all I can do is step in this direction, maybe you will too…
and trust God to do the rest.

I do believe that what one person does, Matters.
And when we gather with attention and intention,
– BE in God,
– actively learn to hear/see & say/DO our unique path in God, step-by-step…
what IS in Heaven is Manifested on Earth.

  • As we Deepen in God ourselves,
    we vibrationally invite others to Deepen as well.
  • As our everyday practice and way-of-being is to Consciously Dance with the Divine – whoever we are, wherever we go – organically we make it more and more NORMAL to live this way.
  • As we become more spiritually-focused and act from spiritual information & our unique leading of Spirit for us; naturally others see the fruit, and are encouraged & inspired to be more spiritually-focused, as well… a little or a lot.
  • As we change, our culture changes – others who were too afraid to live from their Soul, or were not tuned-in… gain courage, start to tune-in.

As always we start right here, right now, with us.
So, lets continue.

Blessings on your Unique Journey!
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