Soul Tools / Meditation Workshop Series: Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease…

Intro to these energies at previous post: Consciously Savor Goodness & Blessings – within ourselves, and with our world: . . Start your New Year IN Goodness, Care-for yourself along the way… Allow, Invite yourself to – BE filled-with, and – Overflow with Blessings for all those around you: Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease… . Allow […]

It’s been a tough year! Let’s do the New Year differently!

Blessed New Year! dear Friends, . It has been such an intense year – politically, socially, energetically, for many of us personally… and now we are through the Holy Days – lovely, and also intense for many of us ; ) . Many are in Darkness in Resistance living-through: ‘there is something wrong here, and […]

Consciously Savor Goodness & Blessings – within ourselves, and with our world

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, I would like to share: I am a Big fan of Gratefulness. It is ridiculous how much there is to be Grateful for and about – when I bother to notice. From my Soul Perspective, energetically; I see Gratefulness as ONE of the Powerful Places to Stand, to […]

SoulTech: a minute to learn… a lifetime to master

Here is the most important thing about SoulTech: Participating, Doing-it (enjoying Meditation Workshops, investing in Private Sessions, practicing on your own…) is not about learning in an everyday, physical sense. . SoulTech is about Engaging, Equipping, Developing a different part of our system, our consciousness, than we might usually, consciously notice. . For example, when […]