Soul Tools / Meditation Workshop Series: Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease…

Intro to these energies at previous post: Consciously Savor Goodness & Blessings – within ourselves, and with our world: . . Start your New Year IN Goodness, Care-for yourself along the way… Allow, Invite yourself to – BE filled-with, and – Overflow with Blessings for all those around you: Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease… . Allow […]

It’s been a tough year! Let’s do the New Year differently!

Blessed New Year! dear Friends, . It has been such an intense year – politically, socially, energetically, for many of us personally… and now we are through the Holy Days – lovely, and also intense for many of us ; ) . Many are in Darkness in Resistance living-through: ‘there is something wrong here, and […]

Everyday Modern Mystics – starting soon!

. Are you Crazy About God? Are you a Mystic? Do you want to be? . If so, come play in Community (Available wherever you Live!) Learn together  Share wisdom and experience, Support each other and Spread this wonderful infection of: Devotion-to God and experience-of the Presence & Love of our Living God. . I am wildly […]

Hello ‘happy ending’: the Villains, the Resistance in our lives, can Move

I can’t give a big enough WOW for this post by Steven Pressfield: The Villain is Not Always a Person . “Or even a creature. “Sometimes the villain is entirely inside the characters’ (almost always the protagonist’s) head. “The villain can be a fear, an obsession, a desire, a dream, a conception of reality, an […]

Consciously Savor Goodness & Blessings – within ourselves, and with our world

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, I would like to share: I am a Big fan of Gratefulness. It is ridiculous how much there is to be Grateful for and about – when I bother to notice. From my Soul Perspective, energetically; I see Gratefulness as ONE of the Powerful Places to Stand, to […]

The book begins: Crazy About God: A Modern Mystic Adventure

Hey Friends, I am excited to share I am finally starting my first book! 2 weeks ago, my friend Debra was coaching me, and she noticed that it would be a useful exercise for me to write a book. Eeek. I have been writing a long time, on several different subjects, but she encouraged me […]

Inner Certainty, trusting the Truth of My Own Experience: an essential foundation of My Empowered Life

Am I crazy? I wondered this deep down, for a lot of my life. My perceptions / experience / reality differed from ‘theirs’. . But, I had been told so often, with much force, in fear and trembling: I was wrong, I was bad. I believed this way down deep. . I had a hard […]