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Graceful Soul Tools
Active Meditation
Deep Healing
Soul Counseling
Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction – Aligning more deeply and purposely with: your Source, your spiritual experience & blessings, your Unique Path… in joy and ease.

The Soul Dance – Spiritual Life, IN the body, IN the world – OWNing your Body & Life – Radical care for our Bodies and Engagement with our World, as our spiritual practice – Amazing Gifts of Living IN the body, in this Reality

Dancing with the Divine – as Everyday Modern Mystics (and those who want to be) manifesto

Your Master Path – Consciously soul-walking your Unique Journey, with Ascended Masters (ie Buddha, Mother Mary, Jesus…) as Mentors & Friends

Overcoming – for folks who love God

Deep Healing and Extraordinary Spiritual Growth for folks in the Christian tradition or who love Jesus: Light in the Darkness
For folks who love God
– Deep Healing, overcoming STUCK
– Spiritual Warfare
– Pathways through the Dark Night in your Soul

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