When we are looking to
Overcome, Shift, Deepen, Heal, Overcome, Grow, Transform, Learn New Tricks, say YES to Life…
but we cannot, we don’t know how.

Many of the things we do, don’t get us very far:

– Try really hard – hurry, scurry, flurry – anything but merry!
– Force, manipulate, bully – ourselves and others until blow-up or burn out.
– Get stuck and stay STUCK.
– Let life just happen to us, roll over us.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, we can shift gears, we can shift paradigms!

For many decades, Wendy has been focused on HOW to live in a way that WORKS.
Basically what is the Science of Living?
She has found that it starts in the Soul, within, and moves out from there.

Wendy has been focused on HOW to DANCE with Life, in a ways that is easier, more fun and have greater impact.
She discovered and expanded
an inner practice of
conscious Creative Soul Play,
which invites Empowerment – in so many ways…

This practice of Choosing Creative Conscious Change:
soul tools & distinctions, as well as
purposeful attention, focus, intention can be called:

  • Soul Play Inviting conscious Creative Empowerment for You (SPICEY).
  • Conscious Soul Creativity
  • Graceful Soul Tools
  • SoulTech

These Levers for your Soul, Tools for your Life
are an inner-technology which helps us to
Choose Creative Conscious Change
giving us a firm spot to stand, in our soul, and from there, to leverage shift.

Many have found this practice transformational:
First within ourselves,
and then into our world.

These Soul Tools help us
find our unique rhythm from within,
– allow Deep Rest, Rejuvenation, Recreation; as well as
– Exercise & Develop our inner capacities, Soul Resources
(strength, endurance, flexibility, balance)

In the long-run, Soul Tools practice naturally brings us to Maturity, Blossoming:
Soul Adulting – Soul Mastery – Soul Leadership.

Practicing these inner resources and exercises
brings new consciousness, identity, ways of being and doing within our reach.
makes challenging changes possible,
and eventually even elegant.

The changes you choose to make are up to you!

If you are Ready
to start moving, shifting, changing…
yourself, your life and your world,
from within yourself:
Get equipped with powerful levers/ tools and a solid place to stand:

Read more about Choosing Creative Conscious Change

My name is Wendy R Wolf.
After much search and struggle, I found and honed:

Practical Inner Tools and a
Powerful Place to Stand;

That Support us to Shift
our Internal Experience,
and from there, our External Life & our World.

Since 2002, I have been:

  • Completely shifting my life, from the Inside-Out.
  • Mastering this practice of living life more comfortably:
    from the Captain’s Seat.
  • Honing my ability to share this practice with you:

Since 2005, I have been

Supporting & Equipping thousands of people to Shift
their lives, their relationships, their careers, their world…
Utilizing an inner technology that:

Leverages our internal system,
to FOCUS our Attention and
apply our INTENTION, to be:

  • comfortably present,
  • safely empowered,
  • inviting shifts that we consciously choose
    … with less effort and striving.

Do you want to
Play your Own Game, enjoying Your Amazing, Adventurous Life.
Learn HOW!

We hope you have enjoyed a taste of what is possible for you.

If you Really could Choose Change:
What would you DO?
Who would you BE?

Are you Ready to Live-into
BEing You? DOing Your thing?

Please explore Private Sessions, or Group Sessions.

If you have questions or to get started, please be in touch with Wendy.

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