Align: on Purpose – Personal Harmony

Conscious Soul Creativity

Yearning for Connection?
Intimate Relationship?
BE the Love you Want

Active Meditation – Practice your direct Soul Experience
Opening to more deeply: ‘Be still and know’, your soul Receptivity,
AND also to your soul Agency: Communication, Nourishment, Creativity…  

All this is Healing – becoming Teleios: Who we ARE
Soul rEvolution – Heal, Grow, Shine – BEing your Potential  
one, two, three, and pull from here

Soul Counseling – Allowing the transformation of your life from the inside out, utilizing your specific concerns as a lever. 

Deep Healing – Getting to the core of Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Suicidal Ideation… Alleviating the effects of Trauma, Abuse, Chronic Illness, Injury, Pain…

BEing the Love you Want – Connection, Intimate Relationship
one, two, three

BEing ALIVE!  Soul Freedom, Power, Joy:  Body, Mind, Spirit Pathways in Addiction Recovery & Sustainably Sober.

Align: on Purpose – Personal Harmony

OWNing Your Voice! Daring to Stand and Speak Your Truth, Sing your Beauty
one, two

Empowered Empaths – Enjoy your own experience, be informed by others’ – releasing suffering & overwhelm, effectively assiting others while allowing yourself to Thrive

Graceful Soul – Conscious Creativity & Empowerment Academy for Soul Adventurers. Supporting Soul Readers, Healers, Creators & Leaders (including Teachers, Facilitators, Coaches, etc) to BE and DO your Genius – in-depth development of your unique Soul Senses & Abilities.

IN / OUT Adventures – Awesome Retreats in Amazing places: playing, learning, sharing. Gently Pushing your Edge: within, and in our world, together.

BEing Captain of your Life – Soul Sovereignty – Playing your Own Game;  Taking the Helm – Overcoming Victim Patterns, Living your Vision – from the Inside, Out
BE Captain of your Life:

  • Are you trying to get something Done?  
    Do you have a Project, a Calling that requires you to Overcome the places that you have been stuck… forever?
  • Are you Ready to Manifest your Unique Destiny,
    but to get from here to there, you must Release all the crap that has stopped you?
  • Are you Done being a Victim,
    and want to learn how to live a Victorious life?
  • Are you Ready to be who you Really Are, do what you are here to do?  
Align: on Purpose – Personal Harmony

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we can help you, help yours.
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Align: on Purpose – Personal Harmony